Personal piece, will add process steps tomorrow.


Carl Benny Robert said...

Sweet! looking forward to the process steps!

LG said...

Sweet Levi! Great to see you experimenting with the overall color scheme, i cant do that enough either.

In the last step you modified a little bit the comp and pushed back the camera a notch, was that top left side too similar?


Levi said...

Hey LG thanks.

Yeah, the similarity bothered me some, but the main reason was I felt like the little dude in there was just outside of the discovery of whatever the hell is going on in this cave, so I pushed the camera back to push him in a bit further also grabbing a bit more of a ground plane.

It's more about the moment the image is portraying to me than anything else.

LG said...

Understood, thanks! Looking fwd to your next batch :)

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