Shipwreck and Others


Biniman said...

Hi Levi,

these are fantastic shots! Especially the sense of depth on the "Orred Ledge" pictures. Am I correct if I assume you do some post-grading on the colors and lighting on your images?
Maybe a post detailing the process (if you have time for such things...) would be great!

Regards from Germany

Levi said...

Biniman thanks for checking my stuff out. As far as lighting and colors go and my process, it's kind of a constant experimentation. Early on i know my overall light sources and that's established throughout the piece. But colors evolve a lot, with adjustment layers and whatnot. I'll post some process stuff eventually or i'll be teaching an online masters workshop at futurepoly.com.

Sorry if that's not very helpful!! ahhhh :)

Biniman said...

Don't sweat it, thanks for the reply, it was informing nonetheless. I'm looking forward to more stuff from you, keep up the fantastic work!